Success rates of ibogaine treatment for drug addiction

Ibogaine Success Rates

Because there is no funding for studies coming from big pharmaceutical companies who normally fund medical research and that most ibogaine treatments would have been conducted in an underground setting.

Means that there haven’t been many studies into the effectiveness of ibogaine.

But luckily there have been some!

ibogaine appeared to be effective in opioid detoxification, and about one-third of subjects reported abstinence from opioids for periods of 6 months or longer following treatment.

A retrospective study on 75 subjects, a subset available from a group of 195 individuals who have been treated or cocaine dependence, almost none of whom used opioids, reported a median relapse-free interval of 5.5 months following single doses of ibogaine of 7.5 to 20 mg/kg

Medical professionals who have used ibogaine to treat people recovering from methamphetamine addiction report 50-80 percent success rates; however, long-term recovery and relapse avoidance depend largely on entering a rehabilitation program after taking ibogaine with a doctor’s supervision.

Long-term recovery and relapse avoidance depend largely on entering a rehabilitation program, after care or change of environment.

One doctor reported a 70-80 percent success rate with effective aftercare; he added that, when people recovering from meth addiction took ibogaine but returned to the same environment where they had originally abused meth, there was a 90 percent relapse rate.

In a study of opiate addicts 50% reported being clean still at 30 days and 33% at 3 months.

Comparatively, Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction shows an 8.6 percent success rate once the person no longer needs to take Suboxone.

Standard 12 step and CBT based rehab centres typically only have a success rate of around 17.5% at 30 days.

The statistics speak for themselves! Ibogaine is far more successful at beating addiction than the alternatives. 

But it’s still up to you to change your life after!

Dutch study on long term Success Rates

“Life after Ibogaine An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts” by Ehud Bastiaans at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Medicine November 2004 

Bastiaans study of the long term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts posed the following questions:

1. How does Ibogaine treatment affect the drug use pattern of drug addicts in the long term?
2. Are the effects of the ibogaine treatment limited to altering the drug behavior of the addicts or are the medical, psychological, social and legal aspects in the addicts’ lives affected by the ibogaine treatment as well?
Participants were found online and responded to a series of questionnaires emailed to them at different intervals.
The Participants before ibogaine
  • 98% Opiates
  • 26% used methadone
  • 31% crack and cocaine
  • 16% alcohol
  • The average period of staying clean after the other treatments was 9 months, while the median was 4.5 months
The results showing ibogaines effectiveness for long term success
  • 24% (5 out of 21) of all the participants have quit using any substances whatsoever, including hard drugs, soft drugs, pain medications, tranquillizers and alcohol. With an average drug free period of  41.2 months – almost 3.5 years. The median was lower, however – 24 months.
Of the remaining 76%:
  • 56%  did quit their primary and secondary drugs, they started using other substances instead (usually, alcohol and cannabis).
  • 54%  still used their primary and/or secondary drug of abuse. But we can see that 6 out of 7 participants reported that they consume lower quantities of the drugs.
Other interesting findings from the study
  • 96% participants reporting psychological improvement
  • 88% claimed that they experienced a significant improvement in social functioning, psychological well-being (significant improvement especially in anxiety and depression)
  • 58% reported a health improvement since the treatment
  • The results show that the participants that were treated with HCl had a substantially longer drug free period than the group treated with extract. The average drug free period of the group treated with HCl was 26.8 months, while of the group treated with the extract – 2.1 months.
Ibogaine appeared to be effective in opioid detoxification, and about one-third of subjects reported abstinence from opioids for periods of 6 months or longer following treatment.
Life after Ibogaine An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts  

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Medicine November 2004 

Ehud Bastiaans Supervisor: Prof. Dr. C. Kaplan 

Testimonials from the study participants

One of the participants, P12, writes :”I have found that I have more interest and empathy for others than I had before: seek out friends more, feel more connected and caring towards students and coworkers. Also feel more empowered to make other changes I have wanted for a long time, such as job change, relocation etc.”
Another respondent (P07) shares: ”I became a reliable, trustworthy person. My family invited me back into the fold. Before they didn’t want me around. Didn’t trust me with anything, now they offered me cash for Christmas…that would never happen before. They enjoy being around me and I enjoy being around others. I have become more focused, positive and energetic.”
Ehud Bastiaans 2004, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Medicine
Life after Ibogaine An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts  
One subject wrote, “I saw my family from young to older and how everything has been and how I affected them.” and, “When I closed my eyes most of the time I had visions from my past… A profound sense of love for my family and their love for me and an intense, almost piercing agony as I was overwhelmed with the remorse and the waste and loss, feeling empathy with my family over all their hopes for me dashed by my relentless pursuit of drugs… I kept seeing clips – real memories, of high-school girlfriends and playing music with friends – but then also clips of the present day in an alternate reality where I hadn’t squandered so much love or compassion that had been offered to me.”..
…“…you could safely say that iboga will give an opiate addict several months to a half a year of freedom from cravings and an expanded awareness. This gives the user a period of time in which to get his/her life together and learn to face things straightforwardly, directly and honestly. Iboga will not do the work for you. However, it will help you do your own work.”

Thomas Kingsley Brown & Kenneth Alper

From their 2017 article: “Treatment of opioid use disorder with ibogaine: detoxification and drug use outcomes”
Leah, Richard and Rich (ibogaine provider) at Madera Sagrada ibogaine center in Spain, Europe

Most of this website content was written by Rich Hughes, as well as the website creation itself.

In the photo to the left, he is the man on the right hand side.

He worked and volunteered for more than 5 years at various ibogaine detox clinics in México and Portugal before striking out on his own in Spain, his clinic is called Madera Sagrada which is Spanish for sacred wood, the indigenous Bwiti name for iboga.

During this time he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of ibogaine treatment; from the countless dozens who gained their freedom and even witnessing a death whilst working as a volunteer. This drove him to better understand the health and safety aspects, including how to read an ECG/EKG and an advanced first aid course.

It is with his hard won information, and a desire to see ibogaine knowledge distributed around the world, saving lives, as it has saved his life from Crack and heroin addiction.

"I´m just a common man who through his own experience and desire has studied ibogaine and iboga and their correct administration. I stand on the shoulders of giants and through my web and graphic design skills I´ve decided to disseminate this info to a wider audience, with the hope of spreading liberty to those that desire it
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Learn what medication and medical health conditions are a bad mix with ibogaine and iboga.

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Ibogaine and the heart have a delicate relationship. Indepth article about the action on the heart.

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