The Benefits of Ibogaine & Iboga

Styles and Methods of Use

Medical / Clinical Approach

Due to the potential health complications related to iboga and ibogaine it is vital that your medical health is taken into account and your heart monitored throughout your experience.

This process usually contains:

  • Pre-screening interview and health questionnaire. To identify if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medicines that are contraindicated with ibogaine. See more about contraindicated medicines here
  • ECG / EKG , blood panel and complete blood count. Vital to check that you are good candidate for this work.
  • Prepartaion advice (hydration, electrolytes etc). Please see preparing for ibogaine page
  • Microdose / lowdose prior to flood. Useful to check sensitivity to the medicine and to prepare the body for what is coming
  • Blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels and QT / QTc monitored throughout your treatment with ECG machine. Usually for around 72 hours until the T wave normalises.
  • Medical intervention may be used to correct high or low blood pressure, fast or slow pulse, or a prolonged QT.
  • Post ibogaine advice, such as aftercare for those coming for drug addiction treatment.

Some people have felt that the clinical setting alone can lack some of the deep soul connection that people report from more shamanic style ceremonies.

These clinical protocols are vital to a safe treatment and there is no reason why the two can’t be done together. It is this authors feeling from having observed dozens of treatments over the years at a variety of facilities that the best work is carried out using both the medical and the shamanic together. For more information on identifying a good ibogaine provider or clinic please click here

Shamanic / Psycho-Spiritual

Many people with experience of using iboga and other entheogens report that they are able to reach more profound states and enter into a deeper communication with the plant spirit through a more shamanic approach.

These ceremonies can contain:

  • Intention setting (stating why you are coming to this experience and what you hope to achieve). Generally considered important.
  • Microdose / lowdose prior to flood. Useful to check sensitivity to the medicine and to prepare the body for what is coming
  • Calling in the Ancestors. Iboga is thought to link us to our ancestors and descendents. Many ceremonies make a point of calling in the ancestors and again many people report that this has improved the experience.
  • Music. The bwiti (African culture that uses iboga as a sacred sacrement) have a particular type of music, sometimes described as acoustic techno, that is considered to really drive the experience. Tonal / meditaiton music can also be used to relax the experience. Many people report that the music played is important. Better to use music without lyrics that the person understands as that can be distracting to the mind.
  • Cleansings. Epsom salt baths. Sage and palo santo are often use to purfiy people before during and after their iboga experience. Purges, sweat lodges or fasts are not a good idea with iboga or ibogaine as they can deplete electrolyte levels, which is important for safety reasons as these electrolytes are vital for heart function.
  • Closing Ceremony. The iboga experience can be a deep trip into the shadow realms  and for this reason many practitioners think that its important to have a joyful experience at the closing ceremony. Closing ceremonies are held anywhere between 24 and 48 hours after the main ibogaine dose has been consumed. They often contain a formal giving of thanks ceremony and dancing.

If the shamanic style is more attractive to you, please don’t think that the medical preparation and monitoring are not needed. The best practitioners use those important safety measures alongside the shamanic / spiritual approach. One does not preclude the other.

Dosages & Protocols

Low-dose Iboga / ibogaine

Low-dosing iboga / ibogaine is a safer way to detox and is often advised for people with poor health such as a prolonged QT or other heart problems or those not wishing to experience the visions that ibogaine often brings. 

Instead of having one large dose, a low dose regime is made up of a series of smaller doses. Sometimes this is used in combination with an opiate reduction script. Low doses are typically in the 150mg-600mg range and, like always, are judged on sensitivity, BMI, body-weight, medications and pre-existing health conditions.

There are some low dose protocols that are used alongside an opiate reduction script. Where each lunch time dose of opiates is replaced with a dose of iboga or ibogaine and the following evening dose of opiates is reduced by 20-30%. Risk of overdose, so be careful.

It is sometimes used as part of more complicated detoxes such as people coming off of long acting opiates like methadone or subutex / suboxone or heavy stimulant use.

Some people advise doing a series of lower doses as it is safer and they claim works just as well. Although this is disputed by others, saying that the visionary part of the process is also of value.

Even low dose may not be safe for people with certain pre-existing medical conditions such as Congenital heart defect (CHD) . See our list of ibogaine’s medicial contraindications here

Because low dose regimes do still have potential dangers they must be managed correctly so it’s important that you are with a reputable ibogaine provider.

Ibogaine Flood Dose

A high dose of ibogaine or iboga that is administered to achieve rapid, intense and profound change in an individual. Traditionally considered the best by many. Although not suitable for people with a prolonged QT or other health concerns contraindicated with ibogaine. 

A flood dose is a large dose of ibogaine or iboga, usually producing visions and physical effects such as ataxia (wobbly, nausea).

What is classed as a flood dose varies. Some would class anything above 7mg/kg as a flood dose. But typically an addiction beating dose is thought to be 16mg/kg+  and 18-24mg/kg for opiates.

Due to the dangers a flood doses must be managed by an experienced ibogaine provider. Learn how to identify a good ibogaine provider

Micro-dose Ibogaine / Iboga

A micro-dose is a tiny dose of iboga or ibogaine, one that you either can’t feel or only slightly feel. Micro-doses are typically used post ibogaine treatment.

They are great for any residual PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) and a mood and energy lift. Micro-doses have been reported by many people to be of great use in the first year or so post ibogaine treatment.

Typically your provider or clinic will be able to advise you on a suitable ibogaine micro-dosing regime


You have to work with ibogaine to achieve the maximum results possible. It is an amazing head start. The 3-6 month period after injestion as a special time. Put your attention into meditation, yoga or any other healthy practices you feel drawn towards.

This is your chance to rewrite your life! Grab it with both hands!

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.”
― Terence McKenna
Leah, Richard and Rich (ibogaine provider) at Madera Sagrada ibogaine center in Spain, Europe

Most of this website content was written by Rich Hughes, as well as the website creation itself.

In the photo to the left, he is the man on the right hand side.

He worked and volunteered for more than 5 years at various ibogaine detox clinics in México and Portugal before striking out on his own in Spain, his clinic is called Madera Sagrada which is Spanish for sacred wood, the indigenous Bwiti name for iboga.

During this time he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of ibogaine treatment; from the countless dozens who gained their freedom and even witnessing a death whilst working as a volunteer. This drove him to better understand the health and safety aspects, including how to read an ECG/EKG and an advanced first aid course.

It is with his hard won information, and a desire to see ibogaine knowledge distributed around the world, saving lives, as it has saved his life from Crack and heroin addiction.

"I´m just a common man who through his own experience and desire has studied ibogaine and iboga and their correct administration. I stand on the shoulders of giants and through my web and graphic design skills I´ve decided to disseminate this info to a wider audience, with the hope of spreading liberty to those that desire it
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Learn about the jaw-dropping benefits of Ibogaine and Iboga. They do so much more than just  addiction treatment 

Ibogaine can be dangerous for some people. Educate yourself to see if you are a good candidate for this work

Preparing for your iboga ceremony or ibogaine treatment. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Learn what medication and medical health conditions are a bad mix with ibogaine and iboga.

Make sure you go to a good place! There are some shady operations going on out there… 

Ibogaine and the heart have a delicate relationship. Indepth article about the action on the heart.

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We wish you luck on your journey. This incredible medicine has changed so many lives, but to do safe and effective work it must be treated with respect. 

It’s important that you find a good provider or clinic to do your ibogaine treatment with. Don’t end up with the cowboys!

We do our best to keep this website updated as our collective knowledge and experience of the use of ibogaine grows, and we would love you contributions and suggestions. Email us

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