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Study of 34 Ibogaine Deaths - Jamie Mac - European Ibogaine Forum

Ibogaine Adverse Reactions & Safety – Jamie Mac – Ibogaine / Cardiac Nurse – Notes from the European Ibogaine Forum

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Jamie McAlpine (aka Jamie Mac) is a cardiac nurse and experienced with ibogaine. She has trained medical professionals and ibogaine providers in how to safely administer ibogaine through her business “IbogaSafe”. Often she gives talks at conferences on ibogaine.At the European Ibogaine Forum Jamie gave a talk on “Ibogaine Safety Myths” presenting a study of ….  Read More

Clare Wilkins - Ibogaine for Methadone Detox Presentation at Psychedelic Science 2017

Detoxing from Methadone with Ibogaine – Clare Wilkins Psychedelic Science Conference 2017

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Clare Wilkins’ presentation at the Psychedelic Science conference 2017 titled “A novel approach to detoxification from methadone using low, repeated and cumulative administering of ibogaine” Clare is the director of Pangea Biomedics where they work with ibogaine alongside many supporting therapies. In this talk Clare talks about how ibogaine treatments have changed in her clinic ….  Read More