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This organisation has been setup to provide information about ibogaine treatment for addiction as well as more general health and safety information about ibogaine and iboga.

Ibogaine provides pain free detox from the hardest addictions including heroin, crack, cocaine and speed. But it does so much more than that too with most users reporting improved psychological outlook on life and many saying that they felt totally reborn after their detox with no desire to return to using drugs. Many people have reported that there PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, IBS or other conditions disappeared or reduced after ibogaine.

As is that wasn’t enough it also super charges brain growth for the following months, allowing new habits and learning to happen with ease. What more could someone seeking freedom from addiction or trauma want?

It’s been famously hailed as “the addiction stopper” due to the way it resets the body chemistry back to a pre-addicted state. Although its probably better thought of as “the addiction interruptor” as its up to you to put in the work for the long term gain.

Ibogaine comes from a plant called Iboga which is used in Africa as a sacred plant medicine for its psychedelic / entheogenic properties.  Often the visions are reported as having messages of importance.

It really is like no other detox out there. There is no other rehab where you leave feeling totally clear headed, clean, healthy with a vibrant energy and renewed lust for life. 

It can totally change your life, getting down deeper than the addiction itself.

IIt’s anti-addiction properties were accidentally discovered in the 1960’s by a young heroin addict named Howard Lotsoff who was looking for a “new kick” when he tried the then unknown psychedelic. After experiencing the almost instant removal of his addiction himself and witnessing it on several others,  he went on to campaign for ibogaine use as a detox method and wrote the first manual on ibogaine detox.

“Any person who is addicted to drugs who wishes to be free of that addiction shall be able to have that choice”

Discoverer of Ibogaines anti-addiction properties ― Howard Lotsoff

Ibogaine and iboga are extremely powerful medicines that can change lives for the better very rapidly, but if used incorrectly they can be dangerous. Fortunately these dangers can be avoided with the right pre-screening, preparation, administration and aftercare. For this reason it is vital that you choose a reputable ibogaine provider or centre. To learn more about the Dangers of Ibogaine Treatment click here.

Please study this website carefully if you are considering taking ibogaine or iboga, or talk to one of our advisers who can help to advise you if you would be a good candidate for this work and even recommend some reputable ibogaine centres and providers

Our hope is that this website will help people to make informed decisions regarding their choice to use ibogaine or iboga and how to identify a good ibogaine provider and also to keep the wider ibogaine community up to date as knowledge of ibogaine grows.

If you are new to ibogaine then we recommend that you watch the documentary “Rite of Passage” listed above. This documentary provides a good overview of ibogaine treatment although more has since been discovered about ibogaine’s amazing healing abilities since its release. To learn more about The Benefits of Ibogaine Click Here

For other ibogaine related documentaries click here

Scientific Organisations that Study Ibogaine

ICEERS are a scientific organisation setup to research the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics like Ibogaine and ayahuasca. 


MAPS Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a non-profit research and educational organisation that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.


Leah, Richard and Rich (ibogaine provider) at Madera Sagrada ibogaine center in Spain, Europe

Most of this website content was written by Rich Hughes, as well as the website creation itself.

In the photo to the left, he is the man on the right hand side.

He worked and volunteered for more than 5 years at various ibogaine detox clinics in México and Portugal before striking out on his own in Spain, his clinic is called Madera Sagrada which is Spanish for sacred wood, the indigenous Bwiti name for iboga.

During this time he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of ibogaine treatment; from the countless dozens who gained their freedom and even witnessing a death whilst working as a volunteer. This drove him to better understand the health and safety aspects, including how to read an ECG/EKG and an advanced first aid course.

It is with his hard won information, and a desire to see ibogaine knowledge distributed around the world, saving lives, as it has saved his life from Crack and heroin addiction.

"I´m just a common man who through his own experience and desire has studied ibogaine and iboga and their correct administration. I stand on the shoulders of giants and through my web and graphic design skills I´ve decided to disseminate this info to a wider audience, with the hope of spreading liberty to those that desire it

+34 643280060 (Whatsapp & Telegram available)

Learn about the jaw-dropping benefits of Ibogaine and Iboga. They do so much more than just  addiction treatment 

Ibogaine can be dangerous for some people. Educate yourself to see if you are a good candidate for this work

How to prepare for your iboga ceremony or ibogaine treatment. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Learn what medication and medical health conditions are a bad mix with ibogaine and iboga.

Make sure you go to a good place! There are some shady operations going on out there… 

Ibogaine and the heart have a delicate relationship. Indepth article about the action on the heart.

Talk to us!

Our knowledgeable volunteers will share their personal experience of ibogaine with you and advise you on how to find a good clinic.

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Free yourself from addiction with ibogaine treatment
We wish you luck on your journey. This incredible medicine has changed so many lives, but to do safe and effective work it must be treated with respect. 

It’s important that you find a good provider or clinic to do your ibogaine treatment with. Don’t end up with the cowboys!

We do our best to keep this website updated as our collective knowledge and experience of the use of ibogaine grows, and we would love you contributions and suggestions. Email us

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